Looking for a job for a long time, but you don’t even invited for an interview, or you don’t get feedback after the interview? Not sure what you messed up, or what else you could have done differently to be the best candidate? Are you unsure if you should change job and want to know more about the local labor market? Do you want to consciously build your personal brand?

Whichever question you have, I am happy to provide you with individual or group job search consultation in person or online.

I have been working in HR for over 10 years. I have worked for many years in the field of recruitment at both headhunting companies and multinationals, both in Debrecen and Budapest, and I am well aware of the labour market players, the expectations and the selection process, the possible pitfalls and the additional ingredients that can help you get a good job. The job interview consulting process is always tailored to the client's needs, but is basically made up of the following elements:

As a first step, you can email me your CV, motivation letter, LinkedIn profile link, a few lines about your situation and if you already started to search a job, the job advertisements, and I will contact you in a few days and suggest which direction to go.

As a second step, the e-mail consultation of the sent materials usually continues, if necessary, by several e-mail exchanges, until the final materials are prepared in pdf format. To create a cv, I always recommend the Canva program.

If all you need is a strong CV, motivation letter or LinkedIn profile, you are guaranteed to have it within a few days, if you follow my advice and modify or prepare the documents and you will create your LinkedIn profile. It is important to mention that I am working together with you, not without you. I will hold your hand to understand what makes these things work , but you will create them.

If you want to better understand why, the third step is usually an online or face-to-face meeting when we discuss all other issues related to job search. Whatever questions you may ask, I will try to answer everything clearly and honestly (what to include and what not to include in the CV, job search and application, selection process, pre-screening, interview questions, dressing, preparing for the interview, small talk, what to do if I am not indicated, how much salary to ask for, etc.). We will discuss everything in such detail that you will also know how to make a good impression in the office building when you enter and impress the receptionist (who usually has a much more important role than you think).

After that, as a fourth step, if you would like to go further, we can prepare for the job interview together, we will actually play an interview in Hungarian and in English if necessary.

If you get this far, we will be excited and looking forward to the result of the selection process together. Of course, I will be available to you at any time via email, phone or messenger if you have any questions, and I will always support the whole selection process until the decision is made to understand together what is happening and to be able to learn.

If you get and accept the job offer, I can support your integration into the new workplace through onboarding coachingto ensure smooth integration.

The cost of one hour (60 minutes) of consultation in English language is HUF 12,000 (online, in-person, e-mail multi-round consultation if we do not meet online or in person).

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