My applied methodology is coaching psychology (GROW, OSKAR model), during my coaching sessions I also widely use 360 degree questionnaires and tests (Emotional intelligence, influence, Leadership practice, MBTI, assertiveness, etc.). What does the coaching process look like?

In any case, we start with an informal meeting with a pleasant atmosphere, which is of course free of charge. We will introduce ourselves and see if the chemistry between us works (believe me, this is one of the most important factors, since we are talking about a long-term, trust-based professional relationship). We will discuss what topics are currently on your mind, on which we can nicely build a coaching process, and we will clarify the content of the coaching contract between us together. I will tell you in detail what leadership and business coaching mean in a psychological approach and what to expect when we get started.

I usually recommend a minimum of 3 coaching sessions to my clients, because that is how long it takes to reach the first milestone, which means that you can actually define what you want.

In each case, we talk about self-knowledge, values, strengths, emotional intelligence development, competencies first and to be sure that you will set the right path where you really need to develop or move forward the most, or there is something that you would like to solve.

Next, we will examine what self-limiting beliefs and bad habits may prevent you from going from one to two. As the process progresses, we will fine-tune your goal, and you will see more clearly which direction to take and what steps you should consider in order to achieve your goal (which is consistent with your personal values and strengths).

As you embark on this journey, you will recognize and define more and more specific time horizons , the relationship between goals and sub-goals , so you will be able to prepare a detailed action plan . You recognize what drives you forward and what hinders you in acknowledging your goal and supporting you, along a structured process, keeping a constant focus on the path you set out to take until you reach your goal.

During our working relationship I am constantly available, you can contact me with any questions on the way, I am happy to recommend books, training materials (which I will send you free of charge), home tasks, which is only a matter of discussion.

The ideal length of the coaching process is somewhere between 3-6 times, but of course it is completely individual, everyone likes to spend more time at different stages, and everyone can have different new aspects in the meantime.

The current fee for online/personal leadership and business coaching sessions is HUF 15,000 per hour in English language.

If you are interested, I would be more than happy to invite you for coffee and meet you.

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